Adverse Reactions & Product Quality Complaint Reporting

Adverse Reactions & Product Quality Complaint Reporting

To report an Advers Events in first 24 hours :
You would download ADR form from below link, After fill and save the form to your computer, you can send e-mail to below mail address:
Mail :
Phone : +90 216 477 70 70
To download ADR Form Please click here


Product Quality Complaint

You can fill the form in Contact Us page or call us from +90 216 477 70 70 for your pharmaceutical or medical device Product Quality Complaints.

Disclaimer: The information that you have shared during your reporting is confidential and is not transferred to any person or company except the institutions and organizations that need to be reported in accordance with the procedures specified in the applicable legislation.

Explanations: Side Effects / Adverse Reactions and Quality Complaint Notifications are collected for the purpose of protecting the public health benefits because of legal requirements During follow up procedures, we may contact with you to get more information about side effect / advers reaction or quality complaint by using your contact details. It must be given at least one of your phone number or e-mail-address so we can back to you.