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Pnn Medical SA is a Swiss company located on the banks of the Geneva lake in the city of Morges. It was purchased by CHEMO Group in 2012.

It was established in 1990 by the Swedish engineer Hans Wallstén to develop, produce and commercialize a minimally invasive method for the treatment of heavy menstrual bleeding, especially for dysfunctional uterine bleeding. This medical device was called Cavaterm ™.

Cavaterm's safe and easy-to-use procedure was soon approved by doctors in Europe and other countries for AUK treatment. Feedback including the needs and wishes of the users, led to the further development of the product.

Cavaterm ™ is now accepted as a preferred method offering minimally invasive therapies and using the most sophisticated technologies for the treatment of ARF by health professionals.

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Crossbay is a company that focuses on developing medical devices for women and children. We believe that innovation should be financially affordable and should be applied in the global market. Globalization increases the need for health services to be economical. Our products will contribute to this need.

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Calmed has been producing plastic disposable materials for health and other uses since 1949. Today, the main products of this company are column bags, rectal nozzles and air pumps used in colon radiography. The main product Calmed CT1400 is a CO2 pump used in CT colonography and is used with a unique hose kit.

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Biem İlaç

Biem İlaç


Aiming for holding its quality on par with the top levels of international standards, Terra Pharmaceuticals produces its products in compliance with the product purposes, legal regulations and the current good manufacturing rules (Good Manufacturing Practice) and the Company provides its services with its 8 Regional Directorates and 75 employees located throughout the country.